We heart marketing as much as anyone. But let’s face it: The arrow is usually pointed at prospective customers. There’s nothing wrong with wooing new customers, of course. But showing love to current customers is just as important.

A full-featured call center software suite can help get your message across with minimal fuss. Business owners and their teams can handle customer calls efficiently, while indulging their VIPs with a little something extra—all without missing a beat.

Here are four ways to show your customers some love:

Make Your Customer’s Experience the Center of Your World.

Everyone wants to feel valued. When a customer calls in, it’s critical that you give them your undivided attention. If your team is worried about finding contact records or scripts then they’re not paying attention, and leave your customers feeling overlooked.

Keep the focus on the customer with screen prompts and automated workflows that flow seamlessly from your CRM to your contact center solution. An integrated contact center solution can empower CRM-based workflows with in-call screen pops and recommendations to help your team stay engaged with your customers.

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Anticipate What Your Customers Need with the Right Call Center Software.

Do you know your customer well enough to finish their sentences? Knowing what your customers need even before they do can help your customers feel like you truly “get” them—the basis of a fruitful relationship. Look at your data and reporting to understand customer pain points, past purchases, and other behaviors.

Consider reaching out to selected customers on “quiet” days to make sure a problem was resolved to their satisfaction or simply to thank them for their business. And if you’re experiencing a service issue, contact them proactively and let them know you’re working to resolve it.

Spread the Love.

Your business serves many different types of people, so be sure you don’t limit your efforts to the paired off. Tailoring your responses to and interactions with your customers builds stronger relationships and a better customer experience.

Take advantage of the capabilities of an integrated, multi-channel customer experience solution to build user profiles and make custom offer recommendations based on what your customers like. And as always, meet your customers where they expect to find you, whether it’s through email or web-based chat.

Partner for Pampering Experiences.

Today’s shoppers are spending more on experiences, both for themselves and others. What’s more, 36% of those who gifted an experience say they found their inspiration in a retail store according to the National Retail Federation. Cooking classes sold through a kitchenware or gourmet grocery store, for example, are a natural choice for a culinary experience. Spa services available through a bath and body product storefront are another good example.

If your business is rooted in products rather than experiences, consider partnering with others for a joint offer. Free movie tickets, passes to yoga classes, and similar treats are guaranteed to be a big hit. Have these offers ready to go so that when any member of your team connects with a customer, they can easily share and give a great experience. Take that offer to the next level by delivering it in the method the customer prefers, be it email or chat, with a multi-channel call center solution.

Showing the love to your customers is fun and rewarding, but such campaigns also require some time and resources to manage. There’s no need to go it alone. With the right customer experience software in place, reaching out to customers where they are—on email, via phone, or on chat—is simple and natural, with little effort involved. You’ll spend less time managing your phone system and more time showing your customers how important they are to your business success.

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Source: By the Experts at Mitel