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Hosted Cisco Solutions

CallTower’s Hosted Cisco solutions provide the ultimate in unified communications capabilities for all businesses no matter how small or large. Delivering a seamless user experience with high-quality, scalable web and video capabilities.

Cisco’s most innovative tools are enhanced by CallTower’s hosted enterprise IP telephony solution. CallTower supports advanced capabilities of the current versions of Cisco, including mobility, messaging, conferencing and presence management services.

Skype for Business Integration

There is a better way to communicate. Skype for Business consolidates business communications tools into a single, easy-to-use application. Skype for Business desktop and mobile conferencing solutions streamline interactions with employees and customers across the globe!

CallTower Skype for Business integration brings the future of anytime, anywhere communications to your business. 

Adding CallTower voice and conferencing capabilities to your Office 365 license enables your business to boost productivity and save valuable money.

See CallTower Synergy in Action

Integrate Cisco & Skype for Business

With CallTower’s Synergy Solution, you can now seamlessly integrate Cisco technology with Skype for Business.

CallTower is unique in that they host both Cisco and Skype for Business communication systems. CallTower’s mission is to enable people to connect and get work done. Seeing the marketplace trends, CallTower’s development team did their magic and with Synergy, Cisco, and Skype for Business can now talk to one another.

Synergy delivers options by enabling business to utilize existing Cisco equipment and leverage CallTower’s Microsoft Skype for Business technology in harmony.


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