May 23

Introducing RingCentral’s no-code Workflow Builder and APIs for AI

RingCentral has introduced new developer tools and capabilities to allow customers to shape their communications to meet their unique business needs. This includes our new RingSense AI API that allows for enhanced insights on communication data and recordings, and a new no-code Workflow Builder that enables customers to build their own automated workflows. Additionally, customers can use our new Video API and SDK to enable custom white-label video interactions, and our Social Messaging API to engage their customers across numerous popular social channels with a single interface.

API Solutions for AI, Video, and Social Messaging

RingCentral is proud to introduce new APIs for adding AI intelligence, custom video interactions, and social messaging capabilities to critical business applications. All three APIs are available for free while in beta.

RingSense AI APIs help bring insights to your phone calls and video meetings. With the ability to transcribe, diarize, and summarize you can quickly classify important conversations, search through thousands of calls in minutes, and detect customer challenges and opportunities.  

AI summaries provide a contextual overview of the recording along with keywords and action items – while our AI API also gives you access to the full recording.  With sentiment analysis you can identify what messaging resonates with customers, pain points, and training opportunities to ensure every customer has the best possible experience.

Video API and SDK enable developers to integrate live video meetings and interactions (one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many) into their applications through a white-labeled experience with screen sharing, closed captioning, and built-in chat.  Best of all with support for JavaScript, iOS, and Android – these video capabilities can be accessed from the browser or built into your existing application – eliminating the need for users to download a separate application.  Our Video SDK also allows for end-to-end-encryption (E2EE), helping to ensure that your video meetings are secure.

Social Messaging APIs connect brands with customers across numerous channels, allowing businesses to reach larger audiences while engaging customers the way they prefer. Through social messaging you can send business updates, personalized marketing, and notifications to millions of customers all with a single API with support for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Viber.

These three new added capabilities collectively contribute to the work efficiency of businesses. As RingCentral’s Chief Product Officer, Srini Raghavan said, “RingCentral is taking its platform capabilities to the next level. Regardless if you’re a developer or an end-user, you can take advantage of our world-class platform with hundreds of APIs and automated workflows to drive critical business communications forward.”

He added, “Our developer community can leverage new APIs and SDKs for embedding RingSense AI, video, or social messaging into workflows. These enhancements reflect our next step in delivering no-code and low-code platform experiences and giving customers more intelligent and personalized capabilities.”

RingCentral Workflow Builder

The RingCentral Workflow Builder, included free for  RingEX and RingCentral Video customers, offers a seamless solution for crafting personalized workflows without the need for programming expertise. 

With RingCentral Workflow Builder, you can automate responses to text messages, missed calls, voicemails, and team messages. Actions include the ability to lookup and modify contacts, make a call, send an SMS, send a team message, create a video meeting, and transcribe audio with RingSense AI.

For example, with Workflow Builder you can create custom automations for incoming text messages to look up the contact and respond back with a personalized message.  Common use cases for SMS with Workflow Builder include appointment scheduling, responding to common questions (what are your business hours), instant support responses (a team member will respond shortly), and after-hours automated replies.

Additionally, the platform’s flexible design allows for the creation of multiple conditions, enabling users to finely tune workflow processes to align with their unique requirements, ultimately maximizing productivity and effectiveness.

Along with the ability to create custom workflows, Workflow Builder comes with numerous pre-built templates including:

  • Out-of-office replies – Automatically reply to messages while you are out of office.
  • SMS keyword responses – Create pre-built responses to commonly asked questions.
  • Voicemail notifications – Automatically notify team members of a missed voicemail via SMS.
  • After-hours message replies – Send a response to SMS messages received outside of regular working hours.

“Customer experience is one of the most important aspects in the business industry. That’s what RingCentral Workflow Builder is for — our main objective is to simplify your daily repetitive tasks while maintaining an excellent customer experience.” Sameep Lad, AVP, Product Management – Platform and Integrations

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Source: RingCentral