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We know that once a phone or video system has been successfully installed, it's critical for it to continue working well. Datamart will work to make sure all your organization’s communication needs are being met, especially when these needs are likely to change over time. Our experience, along with an expertise in a wide variety of technologies, allows us to confidently help with any issue that may arise.

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How does VoIP phone service work?

VoIP phone services turn analog audio signals into digital signals, then transmits them over the Network. This enables a variety of features and cost savings you're not likely to receive from a traditional, hardline phone system.

What is a Mitel softphone?

A softphone is software which allows you to make phone calls over the Internet through almost any desktop or laptop that has a speaker and microphone. A softphone allows you to make phone calls without having to use an actual physical telephone.

What does Mitel Connect do?

Mitel Connect provides all the enterprise-level Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) functionality that your business could ever need, including: enterprise phone communications, visual voicemail, video-conferencing, instant messaging, secure remote connections, availability status sharing, corporate contact lists, and more. Connect comes in either on-site or Cloud-based implementations, so it's adaptable to fit with your unique business needs.

What is the difference between MiCloud Connect and MiVoice Connect?

MiCloud Connect is a cloud-based solution built on the Google Cloud so you can have the security and reliability your business needs, regardless of location or circumstances.

MiVoice Connect is the on-site version which allows you to run the system yourself and perform maintenance when it's convenient for you, since you manage the solution within your own network.

Both are robust enterprise-grade UCC phone systems with features such as:

  • Full Unified Communications and Collaboration functionality
  • Redundancy
  • Mobile device integration
  • High-scalability
  • Integration with third-party enterprise apps like Salesforce and Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Teams

Can I use Mitel services on my own device?

It is possible that you could use a Mitel solution with your own communication network and/or devices. You need adaptable communications that can leverage existing devices. Mitel’s bring your own device (BYOD) solutions are the common-sense way to move your business forward, strategically and effectively at lower costs. Contact us using the form above to discuss which solutions may work for your particular circumstances.

How do I manage my Mitel system to make basic changes?

Mitel offers administration portals for both the Cloud and On-premise solutions so customers can make adds, moves, and changes on their own if preferred. If you're not sure how to access your administration portal, contact us and we'll walk you through the process.