March 26

RingCentral MVP is now RingEX

AI meets trusted communications

RingCentral MVP is now RingEX, a change that marks more than just a new name—it marks a new era where AI meets trusted communications, for everyone.

RingEX represents a significant stride beyond traditional messaging, video, and phone communications, infusing AI to make every conversation smarter, every workday more efficient, and every interaction more personalized.

Introducing your personal AI assistant

As part of this exciting transformation, we’re thrilled to unveil a Personal AI Assistant, powered by RingSense AI, to elevate and personalize everyday communications in RingEX. Imagine real-time notes capturing key details during your calls, effortlessly helping extract insights from conversations, and crafting polished, context-aware messages. Rooted in RingCentral’s trusted platform, known for its enterprise-grade security, mission-critical reliability, and broad range of external and internal communication use cases across all devices, RingSense AI brings advanced AI features into everyday workflows, making it smarter and more efficient.

Personal AI across all communication modes

RingEX, enhanced with RingSense AI, excels in its ability to weave AI seamlessly into phone, SMS, voicemails, video, and messaging. This approach ensures an enhanced communication spectrum, making every interaction—from calls and texts to team messages—smoother and more insightful, thus rendering daily communications virtually effortless.

RingCentral has a legacy of driving innovation in cloud voice and business communications, connecting people through pioneering communication technologies. As we celebrate this milestone and eagerly anticipate the future, our commitment to communication solutions that deliver exceptional employee and customer experiences remains a north star.

Join us in embracing this exciting new era where AI meets trusted communications, enabling organizations to empower everyone for smarter conversations and happier customers. 

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Source: RingCentral