August 29

3 Reasons to Get Text Messaging for your Business

It’s time to adopt text messaging for your business. And here’s why. 

People world-wide are using text messaging more than ever because it's simple and convenient. You can respond to a text message while you're still in a meeting or on the go. You can talk to multiple people at the same time individually or in a group text message. You can respond on your own time without seeming rude. You can easily send images, documents, links, audio, and more – all in the same conversation.

You can’t do all that with a phone call.

Simply put, text messaging enables you to accomplish more in less time from anywhere. 

According to G2, 85% of consumers prefer to receive a text message over a phone call or an email. Your consumers are already using text messages regularly for personal conversations. Now they want to communicate with your business using the channels they’re already used to. 

Here are 3 reasons you should get text messaging capabilities for your business:

A Faster Response Rate

Since consumers are already using text messages regularly for personal productivity, text messaging for business is becoming the quickest way to get a response. Text marketing is incredibly effective, with open rates as high as 98% – and 60% of consumers say they read a text within 5 minutes of receiving it.

Enable Two-way Conversations

Customers want to start a conversation with your business. In fact, 60% of consumers want to be able to respond to business text messages they receive. 

One example of this is the appointment reminder via text. It’s so much faster to respond with a quick “Y to confirm” than to take a phone call – or miss  the phone call and be left wondering if an appointment is still on. 83% of consumers would like to receive appointment reminders via text, but only 20% of businesses send text message reminders.

Adopting business text messaging would be a way to help your business stand out from the crowd by offering a helpful customer experience and enabling convenient two-way conversations.

It's Cheaper Than You Think

If you’re wondering how to get started with business text messaging, you might be afraid it’s too expensive. But business unified communications don't work the same way as your personal cell phone bill. Business text messaging is cheaper. Start out by getting a business phone number. Many VoIP providers include a business phone number and texting capabilities in the total cost of your package.

If you choose Nextiva business communication services through Datamart for your business phone number and business text messaging, our Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate plans include business text messaging (SMS) at no additional cost.

Bonus Reason: Text From Any Device, Anywhere

A major benefit of choosing Nextiva business communication services through Datamart is you can send business text messages from your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone – whichever device you’re using from where ever you're using it – with NextivaONE business software. You no longer have to rely on expensive smartphone apps or your personal cell phone service for texting. You can use NextivaONE to send business text messages from any device, any time, anywhere.  

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Source: By the Experts at Nextiva