October 10

The Simplest Path to Cloud for Mitel Customers

Did you know Mitel recommends RingCentral as the exclusive public cloud provider for its customers? 

Mitel and RingCentral worked together to create a cloud migration process specifically for Mitel customers, providing you with an easier, faster, and more effortless path to the cloud than any other vendor can offer. 

Many Mitel customers are already transitioning and seeing a huge difference with RingCentral MVP’s advanced features, such as improved scalability, flexibility, reduced time and costs, seamless integrations, top-tier security, and more

While a migration journey can be complex and time-consuming, for any business, don’t worry RingCentral and Mitel have got you covered.

We promise to make your transition to be as simple and hassle-free as possible with the help of our Migration Accelerator. 

What is the Migration Accelerator?

The Migration Accelerator is an exclusive offering that significantly reduces the time required for Mitel customers to migrate from Mitel PBX infrastructure to cloud with RingCentral MVP

With this upgrade, you are on the fast-track path to better business communications–with minimal business disruption and full guidance and support from RingCentral. 

There is no one size fits all solution for a migration process to the cloud, but RingCentral and Mitel have found the absolute best practices to provide you with a quick and seamless path through our Migration Accelerator service.

RingCentral MVP

Work together. From anywhere. Bring teams and customers together on the #1 business communications platform.

What are the benefits of Migration Accelerator for Mitel customers?

The Migration Accelerator takes the guesswork out of understanding current Mitel on-premise infrastructure, providing the necessary user profiles, device configurations, and calls flows optimized for RingCentral MVP.

We are the only vendor with Mitel’s full support and offer unique migration tools and benefits that no one else can claim, such as:

  • Automatic transition from on-prem configuration to cloud 
  • Fast and non-invasive migration approach
  • Automated data gathering
  • Minimalized risk of manual error
  • Zero business disruption
  • Auto discover list of users and configuration
  • Detailed and comprehensive reporting
  • Auto-provisioning into RingCentral MVP
  • Monitoring and ongoing support
  • Reduced time, cost, and effort

Enjoy an effortless road to cloud through the Mitel-RC partnership

Making the decision to move your traditional on-premises phone system to a cloud solution is not any easy one to make. 

Mitel and RingCentral have an exclusive partnership that makes the transition easy, convenient, and disruption-free. With our unique set of migration tools and special discounts for Mitel customers, you can fast-track your migration, knowing that you’re fully supported by our dedicated teams.

Modernizing your business communications to a cloud-based platform will help you reach your organization’s fullest potential.

Are you ready to see the difference? Learn more about how the Migration Accelerator can benefit you and contact us today. 

Source: By the Experts at RingCentral, Sep 23, 2022